William R. MacKaye

PO Box 32003

Washington, DC 20007


202 333-0012 office ē 202 374-5100 mobile ē wmackaye@reverbing.net


Text Box:  Writer. Editor. Imaginer. Thatís me.


I am a word man who can help you discover and tell your story. Or I can tell some other story that you believe needs to be told.


We humans learn and remember what we have learned by telling stories. I have been teaching by telling stories all my adult life, including twenty years as a reporter and editor at the Washington Post and fifteen years as editor and chief executive of In Trust, the magazine for leaders in theological education.


My life and my work are all of a piece for me. Every day I journey forward into a rapidly changing future, eager to discern and explain whatís around the next corner, over the next hill. But as I travel I am fixed in history as well, my own history and our collective history, and my familiarity with what has gone before is an invaluable guide for me. It is something that I can share with you.


Every story is unique. I donít recycle in what I write. Everything I do is a new creation.


Do you want something written? Do you want editorial help with a piece youíre writing yourself? Do you want someone to explore something thatís going on in your world and help you understand it better? Would you like a fresh perspective and a recommendation on a course of action?


I may be the person you want. I am available by the hour or by the project. Call me and weíll talk about what might be possible.